Wedding DIY 101

Hi friends!

So…here we are – under the two-month mark until we tie the knot!  Yikes!  Things have been pretty much wedding, wedding, and all wedding around here. Usually, on the weekends, I’m with my mom running around to various craft stores picking up the odds and ends that I need for all of my projects and, during the week, I’m thinking about the things that I need to pick up during the next weekend.  My spare bedroom and dining room have become storage spaces for baskets, boxes, and bags that are full of paper, vases, branches, glasses, tulle, ribbon, lights, table runners, cookie trays, floral tape, and well, I could go on and on.  I’ll catch you up on some things that I either am or will be working on for the big day!

My brooch bouquet

It’s finally done!  It was a long process from finding my first brooch to pinning the final ribbon end in place, but it was such a fun project!  I had a couple set-backs while I was trying to put it together but, between me and my mom, we finally got it right!  The best part of the project was finding the brooches!  I spent a lot of time with my parents in antique stores and at flea markets and I also received many as gifts.  Each pin has a special meaning or memory associated with it and I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out!

My centerpieces

I knew from the beginning that I always wanted to use some type of branch in my centerpieces.  I had ideas of using plain branches, silver branches, and large branches with candles hanging off of them.  Before I could make a final decision, my mom found lighted branches that had little purple (one of my wedding colors) beads on them.  She ordered one so we could see what it looked like and ended up loving them!  They have a battery pack that controls the lights and, by some miracle, we found vases that were the perfect size and actually narrowed to allow the pack to sit in the center so they can turned on with ease before the ceremony!  The bottoms of the branches will be wrapped in tulle so they are covered along with the battery pack!

My favors

(just a small jar I bought to test out the glass etching process…it’s SO easy!)

I am planning on giving out mason jar mugs etched with each guest’s initials as favors.  The mugs will be placed at the entrance to the reception room on a table with bowls of punch so the guests can grab a refreshing drink as they enter!  On each mug will be a tag with each guest’s name, table, and dinner choice.  I’m also sticking cute striped straws in each one!  I’m excited to see how they all turn out!

My table numbers

(obviously, not going on a table…but just a pic of us!)

I am planning on giving each table the name of a local attraction from the town where we are having the wedding.  When we get some great weather, Lee and I are going to head to each locale and have our picture taken there…and those photos will be our ‘numbers’ on the tables so the guest’s can find their way to their seats.  I just hope my hair decides to cooperate on the day we decide to take the photos!

Alright, friends!  I think that’s all I have for now!  I have to finish up my programs (which are another project), finish the gifts for my bridesmaids, and make my girls’ bouquets (which will obviously be the day before the wedding).  It’s a DIY extravaganza over here!!

With much Love and Laughter,

Something to share:  Are you crafty?  Do you have a favorite hobby or project?  I used to crochet but I haven’t in a long time…maybe I need to start again!

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