Project #1: The Bouquet

Hello hello friends!

Here I am with the first wedding project to be getting underway!  I am a big ‘do-it-yourself’er and have about a million projects planned for our upcoming wedding.  Among these projects are my centerpieces, my programs, my favors, my girls’ bouquets, and my bouquet.  The girls will be carrying regular flower bouquets that will be made with hot pink roses.  A couple of months ago, my maid-of-honor and I got together and bought the supplies to make a bouquet.  I wanted to make sure that it was feasible and would not turn out to be a huge disaster.

We bought a dozen roses, floral tape, ribbon, and pins.  We lounged by the pool and put together a bouquet that turned out really well!  Fingers crossed that I will be able to replicate seven of them the day before the wedding.  Yikes!

While making my bridesmaid bouquets seem like a piece of cake, my bouquet is a little on the different side and, therefore, will probably prove to be a more difficult.  If you are on Pinterest, or even if you are not, I’m sure you have the seen the idea of a bride carrying a bouquet made out of brooches.  No flowers, just jewelry.

Having a brooch bouquet has always been something I wanted.  I think they are absolutely stunning and add such a unique touch to a bride’s ensemble!  I think a this type of bouquet will go great with my dress, too…which is a surprise that I’ll talk about later!!!

I am starting to put my brooches together by using craft floral wire to make stems on each one of them.  Right now, I have about forty of them and I am hoping to get a few more before it is completed.  My mom and dad are obsessed with antique stores and flea markets and they are always on the lookout for any piece I can use in my bouquet!  I am thankful for their hard work and the time they are taking to find the beautiful pins!

I still have a lot to do but I’m hoping it turns out the way it looks in my head!

Wish me luck!

Something to share:
If you are married and had a wedding, did you do many ‘do-it-yourself’ projects?
If you are not married or didn’t have wedding, are you a crafty or ‘do-it-yourself’ type of person?

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