Neutrogena Event Recap!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to be a part of a Neutrogena 2 Day Event being that I am officially a Brand Ambassador for Neutrogena. There was a great group of girls that I had the pleasure of meeting. Many of the girls there came from different parts of the United States to be at this 2 day Event. I learned so much about the Neutrogena products and the importance of wearing sunblock on your face 365 days a year. The amount of sunblock that we put on is also very important, let’s just say that you are supposed to apply sunblock every 2 hours to fully protect your skin.

I also had the please to meet Michelle Freyre who is the General Manager for Neutrogena in the United States. She was thrilled to see latinas at this event as she is actually Puerto Rican! She also had a special guest Kristen Bell who taught us about the importance of Recycling and also had some Q&A answers to how she maintains her skin looking beautiful and some of her DIY home recipes that she does.

From the breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweets in between it was awesome to share this experience with bloggers that I knew and the sweet people that I met that I hope to see again in the future!

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